I do think the whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season deserves more than just a few weeks of rushed preparations and celebrating. I prefer to savor it all slowly.There are always things one can do to get inspired and prepared in advance.Start listening to Christmas music!Pick your Christmas theme ! Do Christmas crafts with your children! Most of all have fun doing it all as a family!

This is by far one of the most inspiring things one can do to get yourself into the festive holiday spirit, don’t you think?It’s hard to fit in time for those holiday crafts or DIY gifts if you don’t start early! Some of you probably have been working on your projects for a year now. But even with less than eight weekends between now and Christmas, we can probably fit in a couple of fun holiday projects. In fact, you still have time to make an Advent calendar! If you don't have one make one with the kids. Pick your Christmas theme! I’m in love with having themes and changing it up every year! I do think it is really neat to have some sort of a theme for your home at Christmas. Christmas is the time of year when we should feel like a kid again, so pick a theme that inspires you to make it a more magical holiday. The process of selecting your theme can be so fun too. Pick a theme as a family and work on it together it will just build memories for years to come. 


Tobias Gebb

Date 11/15/2019

Hello there and Happy Holidays! I appreciate your site as a go-to for all things holiday! I am an indie jazz musician from New York City and was wondering if I may share my band Trio West's Christmas music with you. The music is similar in style to the well known Vince Gauraldi/Charlie Brown Christmas music (jazz piano trio). I would be grateful if this could be shared or at least the links by allowed to remain here as a resource to anyone wanting to "get in the mood." Thank you so much! Trio West Plays Holiday Songs - YouTube Playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-DdoscjuPM&list=PLf33S_-8MIjHJ82Y3YIu5OrcYA4_PNYQn Spotify - Trio West Plays Holiday Songs, Vol.1 https://open.spotify.com/album/7GaOBbadHBTAVLp9kTJgus

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