With spring and summer upon us, why not freshen up some of your décor using some of our ‘fresh’ new products?  We've got three fantastic ideas to utilize our new clear string commercial grade lights while incorporating a little bit of nature at the same time.

Fairy lights can be a perfect addition to any princess’ room.  You can create your very own version of fairy lights using our new clear wire string lights.  Pick up some tulle in your princesses favorite color from the local craft store.  You won’t need too much, probably less than a yard depending on how intricate you want your flowers to be.  Cut the tulle in strips approximately ½” to 1” wide and 8” long, creating ‘points’ at the ends (ovals with tips).  Wrap each strip around a light diagonally then diagonally the opposite direction and simply tie in a knot.  Two strands should create a gorgeous flower, for fuller flowers, use four strips.  When you hang the string in your daughters room, it will literally look like ‘floating’ flowers.

Bringing nature indoors during the warmer months is a wonderful mood booster!  The beauty of the flowers combined with the smell that hits you as soon as you walk in the door is sure to uplift anyone.  Combine this with sparkling lights, and you have a spectacular centerpiece idea!  Simply pick (or buy if you don’t have a green thumb) a fresh bouquet, wrap with our new clear wire string lights (leaving enough wire at the end to reach a plug), and place on a side table or entryway table.  Each bouquet will last 3-5 days.  For a longer lasting bouquet, wrap the string lights around a bouquet of our various new picks, or combine flowers with a few of our new picks to create a look unique to your home.

For the simplest centerpiece, simply lay a string of our clear string lights down the center of the table (making sure to create a pattern unique to you!) and toss some flower pedals in the mix!  You could change the pedals out periodically to create a different look depending on the flower/color combinations.

We hope you enjoy the DIY blogs.  It is our intention to help you find ways to utilize our products year-round while creating an atmosphere in your home that suits your family.  Send all your pictures to us at [email protected] so we can share with our other customers.

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