We’ve done several DIY blogs over the past year, but never one especially for the kids! Your kids want to feel special, too! So we found some ways to DIY special projects with/for your kids! These would make great birthday or Christmas gifts, or just as a special one-on-one project for the two of you. We will start very simple. Most kids love to star-gaze, but during the summer, they go to bed before it’s really dark enough, and depending on where you live, the winter can be extremely cold, so star-gazing is out of the question. We’ve come up with the perfect way to allow them to ‘star-gaze’ inside! Find a large box (refrigerator or oven box would work well) and place it on it’s side so the opening is easy to climb into. Now poke holes in the new ‘top’ of the box and place string light bulbs in each hole. Toss in a blanket and a few pillows, and the kids have mock stars to gaze at. Shadow boxes are popular gifts so why not make one for the kids that tells a story about their infant/toddler years? You can typically find used shadow boxes at thrift stores fairly inexpensively. Line the interior of the box with your color choice of battery operated lights. Place birth announcements, first pictures, first birthday photos, etc. in the shadow box. This would make a wonderful gift for a birthday, especially as the kids get older! Another simple idea would be to hang a ‘clothes line’ of sorts in their bedroom using string lights. You can hang their favorite pictures with all the family members in between lights with clothes pins or larger office type paperclips. This is much more kid-friendly than frames and a whole lot more fun! Need some more ideas for DIY kid crafts? Stay tuned for more ideas, or give us a call and we would be more than happy to help!

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