Our customers are so crafty! Thanks to some of them, we’ve got some more wonderful DIY ideas for the kids!! DIY projects will increase a child’s creativity and motor skills as well as teach them an all new appreciation for upcycling. Let us know how these turn out for you. Start with a string of lights. We carry string lights in 5mm, M5, G12, C6, C7, and C9 so there are a large variety of string lights to choose from. Cut small (approximately 6-9” long and 1-1 ½” wide) strips of scrap material or tulle in any color or pattern you would like. Now simply tie the scraps onto the string light. You can add as many or as few as you would like to create a look unique to your little one! Once you’ve got all your fabric in place, you could use your string light to line the perimeter of your child’s ceiling in the room, or along the walls on the floor. You could also line one or both sides of the stairway, or use nails in the wall to create a shape of your child’s choosing on their bedroom wall. For instance, maybe your child wants their own Christmas tree in their room but you don’t really want to purchase another tree. You could form your string light into the shape of a Christmas tree on their wall. It’s already decorated and will double as a night light. How wonderful would it be for your child if they came home on their birthday and one entire wall in their room was covered in lights of their favorite color?! This would definitely be more of a gift project with all the actual work that’s going to have to go into it. Simply put guide wire along the ceiling of one wall , then guide wire on the floor along the same wall. Now, wrap string lights from the top to the bottom then repeat until the entire wall is covered in your child’s favorite color! Do you have other ideas? We would love to hear them. Maybe we will feature your idea in a future blog. As always, if you need help, call us and we will help you come up with the perfect project for your little one.

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