F50 SMD Orange Commercial Retrofit Bulb

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  • Orange
  • SMD Replacement bulbs for F50 (E26)
  • 4-1/2 Flame Shaped Cone
  • 3.2 watt of power
  • one 15 AMP
  • Sold in 25 packs
  • Non Dimm
Part Number: F50-SMD-RETRO-OR
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These F50 size orange SMD retrofit replacement bulbs are faceted LED screw-in replacement bulbs designed for traditional incandescent F50 (E26) sockets. Each has five super bright LEDs encapsulated by a hard-to-break lens (unlike the old-fashioned and very fragile incandescent bulbs). Fits directly into existing traditional sockets without extra transformers. Saves a considerable amount of power on electric use. These are great for simple on/off applications. 3-1/2" Flame shaped lens, .45 watt of power, connect up to 320 bulbs in one 15 amp circuit.

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