My idea of ‘making’ an extension cord used to be a drive to the local hardware store. It’s funny how perceptions change as our life changes. Now, here I am teaching you to MAKE your own extension cord! Well, believe me, after you learn what I’ve learned, you’ll never make another trip to the hardware store…well, at least not for an extension cord. First, you’ll need some zipcord. We carry it in several colors; brown, green, white, red, or black. Make sure you chose the color that fits what you need. You can match it to your carpet so it blends in with your house, or match it to the wall and clip it up so it’s not on the floor. Your next necessity will be female and male plugs. You’ll need a male plug to plug your extension cord directly into the wall. You’ll need as many female plugs as you would like outlets on the extension cord. Lastly, you’ll need a pair of wire cutters. We don’t sell those, so you will actually have to visit that hardware store down the street. The steps are simple: 1) Measure the zipcord to your desired length 2) Clip the zipcord with the wire cutters 3) Slide the end of your zipcord into the male plug and slide the cover on 4) Slide the other end of your zipcord into a female plug and slide that cover on 5) Add female plugs in-line; as many as you like to suit your needs (SPT 2 wire and plugs are suggested for more outlets as they are thicker and can handle more outlets) Have fun making all your extension cords! Give us a call if you have any further questions. We would be happy to help you.

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