Having lived in the Midwest for my entire life, I am used to snow and ice in winter.  However, I must admit that this winter has been one of the snowiest, iciest, coldest winters I can remember; and I am so ready for spring!! I have been allowing my mind to wander to all things spring throughout the days just to keep my sanity.  I thought I would share some of these spring ideas with you in hopes that they can pull someone else out of a cold, dreary slump.

My first idea was that I needed to incorporate spring (at least spring colors) into my home, so what better way to do that than with flowers…well, fake flowers!  I simply placed some battery operated string lights in a glass vase and tossed some artificial flowers in the vase.  Daisies, sunflowers, rose petals, the options are endless, and this is a quick and easy way to add a touch of spring to any room.  The flowers, obviously, scream spring, and the lights bounce around creating a wonderful shimmer to create a perfect décor piece! 

Ornaments came to mind next!!  I know, I know, typically people don’t want to see ornaments after they put their Christmas decorations away until the next Christmas!!  But ornaments are wonderful pieces to incorporate into your décor year-round!!  I chose tropical colors, because the whole point is bringing in spring!!  Pink, purple, green, yellow, blue:  each reminds me of something flowery or something from nature most often associated with spring – fresh grass, budding flowers, clear, blue skies.  Every time I look at them, they refresh me. 

There are several ways you can incorporate these items to create a warmer ambiance.  Create centerpieces, wall-hangings or even wreaths out of non-traditional items to create looks for your home year-round.  (This blog contributed by Marcy, our faithful friend!  Find her on tumblr – brooklynluv73).

Need some ideas?  Simply give us a call or email us at [email protected]!  We’re more than happy to help you with décor ideas.

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