We do our best to change and update our product lines with the demands of our customers.  With this in mind, we have decided that we will no longer continue to carry our ornament tubes or ornament kits.  Effective immediately, the tubes and kits will be discounted to 50% off original price!

This is a fabulous reason to stock up on several colors for the purpose of changing themes each year, or adding multiple trees to your home this Christmas season.  But ornaments aren't just for the holiday season!  We've compiled some of the décor ideas we've received the best feedback from. 

Our most popular ornament DIY is by far the chandelier.  An ornament chandelier would be a beautiful addition above your dining table. All you’ll need for this project is ornaments – the fuller you want the chandelier, the more ornaments you’ll need – and some ribbon that matches. This will be more elegant if you stick with one or two colors, as more than that starts to look too busy to be elegant. Simply cut your ribbon in strips of varying lengths and tie one end to the top of the ornament (where it would normally hang on your tree). Once all your strips of ribbon are tied to an ornament, gather the other end of each ribbon to form a ‘chandelier’ of sorts with the dangling ornaments. Use one long one in the middle as a starting point, then a layer just above using three or four ornaments, and a third layer just above that using five or six ornaments. Continue layering the ornaments until you have your desired look. When you’ve arranged a full ‘chandelier’, staple the ribbon together at the top, secure to the ceiling using a clear thumb tack, and you have a beautiful chandelier for your table.  You can use any color combinations, so get creative and coordinate with the season or next holiday.

Create an ornament curtain to cover any doorway.  All you’ll need are some ornaments and fishing line.  Cut fishing line slightly longer than the length of your doorway and secure to top of door approximately 6” apart.  Tie an ornament at various spots on the fishing lines, staggering them across, until you have reached your desired coverage of the door opening.  You could use the same technique to create wall art, possibly to hang behind a couch or as a pop of decor to an accent wall.  Secure both ends to the wall, giving your new art a 3-dimensional look.

We hope we have provided you with ample ideas and a savage need to purchase ornaments!  If this isn’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, shoot us an email to [email protected] and we’ll forward you some more ideas.  But no matter what you plan to do with them, DO NOT miss this incredible deal on ornament tubes and kits!

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