Décor can get pricey and overwhelming.  We wanted to offer you some DIY pallet projects that can add a touch of beauty to your décor on a low end budget.  Most grocery stores have stacks of pallets they no longer need; but you can put them to good use, and make your living space more interesting and beautiful in the process.

We are going to start in the bedroom.  A simple project that you can change up with the seasons or themes in your room is creating a bed frame using pallets and rope light.  Stack pallets two wide, two long, and two deep (eight pallets total).  Secure them all together, and secure rope light to the pallets; this could be done with silicone adhesive or an industrial staple gun.  Our new 18’ rope light options would be the perfect size, and with the wide range of colors and the affordability factor, changing themes frequently would be a breeze.


Of course we had to find a DIY pallet project for the holidays!  We ARE a Christmas décor company, after all.  This pallet Christmas tree will be the perfect addition to your front porch, in your hallway, or in the corner of any room this holiday season.  Simply tear down the pallet, paint to your desired colors (nobody said your Christmas tree has to be green), then assemble.  When tearing down the pallet, you could cut down to your desired size.  You could even make several smaller trees out of one pallet to place on entry tables, in bathrooms, or as a centerpiece for your holiday table.  For an even smaller version, popsicle sticks would be the perfect building material.  This smaller project would be perfect to undertake with the kids this season!  The little ones love the season, and love to be a part of the decorating process.

What projects have you created out of pallets?  Or popsicle sticks?  We would love to hear your ideas and share them with our readers.  Send us an email at [email protected] More.com and let us know how you've transformed these common materials into something spectacular for your home.


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