The holidays can be a very straining time on the wallet. Doing as much on your own as possible can help alleviate some of the financial stress the holidays seem to bring with them. We’ve found a few wonderful ideas to decorate both indoors and outdoors, and found a fantastic idea to help with cabin fever for the kiddos if that becomes a problem this winter.

The outside decorations of your home are the first thing your guests see when they arrive at your home for holiday gatherings. We found a way for you to give a ‘gift’ to each and every visitor this season. Using chicken wire, sculpt a box. Fill with some form of fairly invisible stuffing such as tulle. Add a string of lights then cover with the entire box with sheer fabric in the color of your choice. Add a mesh bow on top, and you’ve got a beautiful package to set on the doorstep.

Your next project will warm up the inside of the house for all the holiday festivities. This is a new twist on decorating the stairway banister will add some fun and excitement, especially for the kids. Start with one or two strands of pure white or warm white lights down the length of the banister. Add some ‘snow’ using pillow stuffing. Simply secure the stuffing to the mantle with periodic zipties. This will create a glowing snow all the way down your banister. Now for the fun part, secure three or four small stuffed penguins on top of the snow in different places and you’re giving the illusion your penguins are sledding down a hill of snow.

This winter, when the kids are trapped in the house because a Polar Vortex has taken over the country again, but they want to play outside so badly, you will be prepared! Create a ‘snow storm’ for the kids in their room. As a back drop, use a baby blue plastic table cloth, then glue paper snowflakes to the tablecloth. Hang the tablecloth in the corner of the bedroom, then make snowflake strings with the kids. Let them create as many new snowflake patterns as they wish, and string them with fishing line. Hang the fishing lines full of snowflakes from the ceiling in the corner of the room where the tablecloth has been placed, and the kids can ‘play in the snow’ for hours without getting wet and cold.

Do you have some favorite holiday DIY projects we can share with our other readers? We love to hear your ideas! Send us an email to [email protected]. Don’t forget to include pictures so we can show your work off!

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