We’ve found several ideas to create new and exciting décor in your home all year long! These simple but gorgeous DIY ideas can help transform your home into a decorator’s dream…all on a small budget! Using a clear vase (or a mason jar), in any shape/style you choose, you can change the décor in your home to match the holiday, season or your mood. Simply fill the vase with colored Christmas ornaments, strands of lights, strips of fabric, Epsom salt (for a winter scene), small twigs, flowers or flower petals; the list is as endless as your imagination. This would be a simple quick change for a mantle or centerpiece on a table as the seasons change. Transform an old mirror into a new treasure…using Christmas ornaments and string lights. Glue a strand of Christmas lights all the way around the perimeter of the mirror and then simply glue ornaments of different colors/sizes/styles around the lights. This will transform a boring mirror into a thing of beauty! You could also do this with old, large picture frames. Turn an old umbrella frame into your new porch light. Using an old umbrella frame without the cloth, spray painted white, then draped with a long line of little white Christmas lights. Hang out on the porch to create a new and exciting porch light that welcomes your guests. Frame an ornament. Hang an ornament (any color or style) from an old picture frame. First string the ornament onto a long (relative to the size of the frame) strand of ribbon. Then tie the ribbon into a bow, making sure the ornament stays as close to the middle of the frame as possible, and hot glue the bow to the top of the frame. You can create several new art pieces for your home while recycling old frames and ornaments. Have fun creating several new décor pieces for your home. You could try one idea for each room, or mix and match throughout the house. It should not cost an arm and a leg to create some new décor for your home any time of the year.

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