Arctic, often related to the region around the North Pole, often bears a connotation of freezing cold.  We drew from the word arctic to create our newest collection – so aptly named, arctic.  We put together a stunning collection of ornaments that with each glance will transport you to a chilling state of being.

White, silver, clear, aqua, and blue come together to perfectly mesh in garlands and wreaths of various sizes.  They’re sure to be a hit in any room, and for any season.  The arctic collection will be perfect to enhance your holiday display next season, but don’t put it off until November! 

The clear, cool feel of the arctic collection will mix well with the new beginnings of spring.  Like dew on the fresh leaves in the morning, the sparkling ornaments will dance on the greenery of the wreath or garland.  Hang it above your mantle, on your front door, or place down the center of the dining room table.

Come summer, the feel this arctic collection invokes is sure to cool you off during those hot days.  Hang this on the back deck for all those summer parties.  Run the garland down the dresser in the spare bedroom so your guests stay cool during those hot summer nights.

The arctic collection greenery would be a perfect starting place for all your special occasion décor, too.  Use the color pallet as a guide to decorate for that graduation party, wedding reception, prom, or anniversary party.  It starts with the greenery over an archway entrance, and continues in the sparkling lights, wrapped trees, and ornament centerpieces.  The possibilities will be endless.

Do you have ideas yet for how you are going to use our new arctic collection to decorate your home this year?  We would love to hear from you.  Send us an email at [email protected].  

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