The two main types of string lights are commercial grade and standard grade. Having no prior knowledge that there even was a difference, coupled with the fact that the two look almost identical, I thought there might be other people just like me out there! For this reason alone, I sought a lesson on the matter so I could pass the knowledge on to our fans. Commercial grade light strands use what are called bi-pin coaxial connectors. These bi-pin coaxial connectors allow you to connect strands together, forming a water-tight seal. This protects your light strands from the elements, making them perfect for outdoor use. Because commercial grade strands have the bi-pin coaxial connectors, a power adapter with bi-pin connections is required to plug them into your standard outlet. UL mandates state that, on #20 gauge wire, you can connect strands of lights totaling up to 420 watts, which translates to 4375 bulbs. So if you purchase our 25 count strands, you can connect up to 175 strands total using one adapter. Standard grade light strands are likened to traditional Christmas light strands in that they have male/female connectors on the ends. These strands are ready to be plugged straight into your standard outlets without the addition of an adapter requirement. UL mandates state that you can connect up to 210 watts of #22 gauge wire end to end. This translates to approximately 2187 bulbs, or 31 strands of our 70 count bulb strands. The choice between commercial grade and standard grade simply comes down to how the lights will be used and personal preferences. For all your holiday lighting needs, be sure to contact us!


Lloyd II

Date 10/18/2013

I noticed in your commercial line that there is a strand of blue LEDs that have a rectifier built in where as none of the others do. Could you please explain this- the pros/cons and advantages/limitations. Thank you.

All Things Christmas and More

Date 10/25/2013

The rectifier makes this a full-wave product rather than a half-wave. It really comes down to personal preference. Thank you for your question Lloyd

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