ColorWave™ is a patented new invention that is revolutionizing decorative lighting. ColorWave™ makes use of multicolored Light Emitting Diodes (L.E.D.) to create a mesmerizing lighting effect. Whereas other multicolored string light sets flash abruptly from one color to the next, with ColorWave™ technology each individual lamp fades gradually between colors. As the color fades from one to the next it will pass through the entire spectrum of intermediary colors. The Red-to-Blue for example, starts as red and gradually fades to blue passing through a brilliant display of pink, fuchsia, and purple. As well as producing a magical lighting effect, ColorWave™ provides all the benefits inherent in L.E.D. technology including no filament to burn out, no glass bulbs to break or replace, cool to the touch, and energy efficient. ColorWave™ lamps are rated for over 100,000 hours. Connected with standard plugs, multiple sets automatically synchronize themselves. ColorWave™ lamps come in a variety of combinations: blue-to-green, red-to-blue, blue-to-white, green-to-red, and blue-to-yellow. Order yours now before they fade away for the season.

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