With so many people struggling economically, the approaching holidays can cause added stress. With holiday entertaining and presents for the kids, who even wants to think about decorating?! Well, decor doesn’t have to add financial stress! Below are some tips for creating gorgeous trees – indoor and outdoor- with items you probably already have around the house.  Let’s start with trees. If you celebrate Christmas, you can add spirit to any room of your house by adding small trees. They don’t have to be evergreen trees; there are several different styles/sizes of trees you can make with simple components most people have on-hand year round. Make a simple tree using just glue, twine and a paper plate. First, form a paper plate into a cone and staple or tape in place. Next, dip twine into a bowl filled with Elmer’s glue, then wrap around the cone. Allow the glue to dry – overnight should do the trick- and then pull out the paper plate! You can wrap the twine as thick as you like; try several different thicknesses for different looks. Once you remove the paper plate, you can add buttons of different shapes, sizes and colors to create different looks for every room in your home. Since the season has long past for your tomatoes to be growing, recycle those cages by creating beautiful outdoor Christmas trees with them. Simply wrap the tomato cage in a strand of any color light to create some outdoor decor. You could wrap each cage in a different color light to add a ‘forest’ of Christmas trees to your outdoor display. Why not add a tree ornament to your actual tree this year? Using all those buttons that gather in your house as the year progresses, you can create simple, fun ornaments. They don’t have to stick to ornamenting your tree, either. You can create three or four and hang them from fishing line at different heights in a window to create a Christmas tree forest anywhere in your home. This would be a great idea for a child’s room if they want their very own tree. Let them help create their own using buttons. Don’t’ forget to start with a few brown buttons on bottom to create a base, then simply stack from the largest button to the smallest button (using fishing line to hold them together) until you have a tree of your desired height. Another gorgeous DIY tree can be made by recycling the pots you had flowers planted in over the summer. Recycle those terra cotta pots into a beautiful holiday tree you can place anywhere in your home. First decide how many pots you want (you’ll need different sizes to stack) and clean out the insides. You will be turning these pots upside down so you want to make sure there is no left over soil in them. Next, paint the pots any color you want your new ‘tree’ to be. You can add some dots of a different color to resemble ornaments or lights, and you could sprinkle some glitter on the drying paint to make your tree sparkle, just get creative. Once the paint is dried, simply stack, largest pot on bottom and smallest on top, upside down. Cut a star out of construction paper, or fold post-it notes into the shape of a star, glue a popcicle stick to the back and slide in the hole on the top pot. Viola!! You have a beautiful tree for any room in the house. These are some great ideas for creating tree decor without spending crazy amounts of money. In upcoming blogs, we’ll share tons of other DIY ideas to get your house holiday ready, so make sure you check in frequently.

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