When most people think of Christmas lights, a headache might actually be the first thing they acquire. For most people, Christmas lights brings back memories of twisted tangles and mangled messes that bring stress over the holidays. But we’ve found some fabulous ideas to change the way you think of Christmas lights. These uses range from childhood to adult, but all are wonderful ways to incorporate Christmas lights into your everyday life. Night lights are a common staple in homes with small children. We found a way to replace the common night light with a more stylish, festive alternative. Just use an old (or new) vase, any color, shape, size will work. Slide a strand of LED Christmas lights in the vase, add a piece of fabric to make things prettier and place on a night stand next to your child’s bed. The fabric can be changed as your children grow and change. Every child needs a place to escape or hideout from the world. A great way to create a space is using something all children love anyway-a large cardboard box. Simply place the box on its side, poke holes in the new ‘top’ of the box, tape a strand of LED Christmas lights to the top, throw a blanket and some pillows inside, and watch the magic begin. Create an accent art piece using Christmas lights. Simply clip your favorite pictures, poems or drawings to a strand of LED lights. Hang the strand on a wall in the living room, dining room or hallway. Always wanted a chandelier but didn’t want to pay for one? Create one out of Christmas lights. Simply add a strand of LED icicle lights to a hula hoop and hang from the ceiling. You can use Christmas lights to change the ambiance of your bedroom. Hang a section of sheer fabric (your choice of color) from a curtain rod along the wall. Place strands of LED lights behind the fabric. Now place your bed against the fabric, using it as your headboard. If you have a four poster bed, drape sheer fabric from a corner by the head of your bed to the corner parallel at the foot of the bed with LED lights in the fabric. Do the same on the other side, allowing some flowing fabric at each end of the bed. This gives a softer, more romantic flow to your room. We hope you can use one or two of these ideas. Just remember to keep an open mind and allow your imagination to run free. There are possibilities all around you if you’re open to them.

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