The Brazilian celebration Carnival is widely looked at as a pre-lent celebration.  Full of tradition and culture, Carnival is most recognized around the world for the amazing costumes and colors!  We have several options to turn your home into a Carnival of color this holiday season!

This picture is the epitome of color popular at the Carnival celebration.  Although we will not even attempt to match the costume itself, the colors can be duplicated on your tree this season.  Combine ornaments of blue, purple, lime green, pink, orange, maroon and gold, and your tree will emulate a Carnival costume.

Each costume at carnival is as unique as the person wearing it.  Instead of a tree of many colors, you could choose a separate color for each room, making the entire house a cohesive Carnival theme.  With the aid of mylar stuffed garlands, DIY ornament décor such as centerpieces, and wreaths in solid colors, you could have so much fun involving the whole house in your Carnival themed décor.

Do you have ideas for a Carnival themed holiday décor?  We would love to hear your ideas!  Shoot us an email at [email protected].  Include pictures and maybe (with your permission of course) we’ll feature you in a future blog or newsletter!

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