Do you love to decorate for the holidays? Have you had to cut your holiday decorating budget due to the economy? Don’t let a poor economy dampen your holiday spirit. We can help with décor for any budget. Let us begin with the extreme decorator. You either know one or you are one! These folks are the ones with their entire yard filled with displays and a tree/wreath in every single room. We can customize any display, so if you want your name in Christmas lights, we can oblige. Maybe you want your name on letter blocks being tossed about by elves, we can do that too! Why not add a 20’ tree outside with 5’ presents underneath? We can provide all of that as well. Would you like to synchronize your light display to your favorite holiday music? Totally possible! Inside, I’m sure you’ll also need a tree and a wreath for each room. One tree for each person to decorate for their bedroom, one family tree for the main living space, a tree for the dining room, one for the entryway and one for the formal living room. Our trees come in all shapes and sizes, from 24” to as tall as 20’. We will even send it pre-decorated if you don’t want to go through the hassle yourself. If you enjoy decorating, choose from a large variety of lighting and ornament options. Perhaps your budget is big enough for just a simple tree. We offer several styles. A ball tree would be your least expensive option. But our smaller Sequoia’s and White trees are also reasonable options. Maybe you’ve got enough room in your budget for a ball tree in the entryway and a 6’ Sequoia as your family tree. Another decorating approach would be wreaths. We offer a wide variety of sizes of our traditional Sequoia wreaths. You can purchase them pre-lit or pre-decorated as well. If you prefer to decorate yourself, start with a simple Sequoia and add a few different colors or styles of ornaments from our wide selection. No matter the size of the budget, we can help you find something perfect for your holiday décor. If you’re having trouble finding what you’re looking for, or just not quite sure what to do, give us a call and we would be more than happy to help you out.

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