Battery LED lights offer significant advantages. Initial costs are only dollars more than traditional battery operated lights, but the savings are immediate. Within the first battery change, the advantages of LED lights are evident. Battery operated LED lights work on smaller and fewer batteries for 3 to 4 times as many hours as traditional lights, which means less money spent on battery replacements and less frustrations over constant battery changes. Battery LED lights are common in wedding and holiday centerpieces, Christmas candles and wreaths.LED lights burn brighter as well, which allows the lights to be seen from further distances, and helps to illuminate dark areas like the green in a wreath or tree. Hang wreaths and garland anywhere you want, and forget about the hassle involved with concealing unsightly green wires that extend out to the nearest electrical outlet. Wreaths and garland lit with battery LED lights have no wires to hide. Battery operated LED lights offer freedom in decorating. New styles are being introduced each year, including wide angle and star shaped bulbs. Select ultra thin wires to twist around delicate crafts or anytime you need to achieve a wire-free look. Put an end to the constant changing out of batteries, and sit back and enjoy lights and decorations for longer than the typical 8 - 12 hours. Battery LED lights last 36 hours or more before a battery change may be required. How do they do it? LEDs operate off a computer chip as oppose to a filament, so 80-90% less energy is required to keep the light on. The same energy savings and efficiency afforded through LED Christmas lights are in battery LED lights.

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