50 Pure White 5MM LED Light String 1/5 Strobe 3" Spacing

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  • Pure White
  • 50 Count 5MM Concial
  • 22 Gauge Green wire
  • 12.5'
  • 3' Spacing
  • 3" Lead cords
  • Connect up to 210 watts per plug
  • UL li
Part Number: S-50MMPW-3G5ST
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Needing to add a little bit of dazzle? These 5MM Conical Lens are the perfect touch! Designed with a wide-angle lens helps to provide a brighter point of light that dispenses the light uniformly to all directions and have a 1 to 5 ratio of strobing lights. Don?t worry about the light set flickering since this set is fully rectified and comes with standard end-to-end plugs that are stackable. These LEDs are on 22 gauge wire and has 50 points of light. The lighted length is 12.5' long with 3" between each light and 3" lead cords. Using substantially less power than the traditional incandescent set, connect up to 210 watts. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set is rated at 4.8watts.

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