50 Commercial Green 1/5 5MM Twinkle Lights 6" Spacing on Green Wire

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  • Green
  • 50 count 5MM Conical LED lights
  • Commercial Grade
  • 25' long
  • 6" spacing
  • 4.8 watts
  • UL listed for Indoor/ Outdoor
  • 6" le
Part Number: C-50MMGR-6GT5
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Being LED's , these Green 5MM Conical string lights are part of our Commercial grade series. Twin pin coaxial with rubber O-ring connections for a waterproof seal and 20 gauge wire. This string light has 50 points of light with a ratio of 1 to 5 Twinkling. The lighted length is 25' long with 6" between each light and 6" lead cords. Using substantially less power than the traditional incandescent set, connect up to 420 watts (ONE UNIT OF C-APCORD-1G REQUIRED TO FUNCTION PROPERLY NOT INCLUDED) UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set is rated at 4.8 watts.


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