50 5mm Blue 1/4 Twinkle LED Lights with 6" Spacing

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  • Blue
  • 50 Count 5MM Conical
  • 22 Gauge Green Wire
  • 25'
  • 6' Spacing
  • 6" Lead cords
  • Connect up to 210 watts per plug
  • UL listed for
Part Number: S-50MMBL-6G4T
Availability: In Stock
There are a total of 50 blue lights with 1/4 twinkle on this LED strand. They are 5mm lights, with a conical shape that allows for greater light dispersion. Being LEDs, these bulbs use substantially less power than other string lights and are much more durable. The green wire is 22 gauge. The total strand length is 33.3', including 4" between bulbs, a 4" end cord and a 4" lead cord. Comes packed in a polybag. Average power consumption is 0.071 watts/LED. Product can be connected up to 210 watts per plug. The bulbs/lenses are weatherproof and non-removable or replaceable. If one goes out the rest stay on. Product is UL approved. It has a one year limited warranty and is intended for temporary 90 day seasonal use. Light string has traditional stackable, end-to-end plugs.

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