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Valentine's Day!

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 1/19/2018
We all love getting and giving on that special day but if you want to make it even better lets add lights, garland. Pink out everything. Make those eye twinkle. 
Valentine’s Day is a very special day of the year when we celebrate love.  It is just under a month away, making this a great time to start getting ready. has a lot of different red and pink Valentine’s Day lights available to not only get you started, but to help you finish all of your Valentine’s Day needs.

The Lights at The Brickyard 2017

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 11/20/2017 to Light Park
What another great year for light parks! This year the Lights at the Brickyard have grown into beautiful 2.5 million light display.The event, which lasts from November 17 to December 30, will have a bigger course this year as the layout has been expanded from 1.7 miles to 2 miles. An additional 500,000 lights will be installed bumping up the total to 2.5 millions lights along the long and winding course. Many new light displays have been added and its a great place to take your family to create new memories.

Get In The Christmas Mood

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 11/8/2017
I do think the whole Thanksgiving and Christmas season deserves more than just a few weeks of rushed preparations and celebrating. I prefer to savor it all slowly.There are always things one can do to get inspired and prepared in advance.Start listening to Christmas music! Pick your Christmas theme ! Do Christmas crafts with your children! Most of all have fun doing it all as a family!

Colored Lights VS White Lights

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 10/31/2017 to Lighting
When it comes to picking out how to decorate your tree where do most people begin? With the lights and as time has gone on there are many choices of lights to put on a tree from Bright white lights to colored lights, that is where the battle usually begins. 

Same old stuff

Posted by Mama Kandy Kane on 10/30/2017 to Decor
As another season draws near its often second nature to grab that tub of decorations in the garage and put the same old decorations in the same old place. Its time to change that up. Yes use some of the old decorations and add some new. Or if you are on a tight budget take some of your old decoration and revive them into something totaly different.